VHP Operator Training

VHP® Systems Operator And Safety Training Programs*

The Pharmaceutical and Research business segment of STERIS Corporation provides an Operator and Safety Training course for Customers interested in additional training for our VHP® technology and systems.

These one and a half (1½) day programs are designed to:

  • Provide VHP® systems operators with detailed understanding of hydrogen peroxide vapor technology.
  • Review parameters critical to effective biodecontamination cycle validation.
  • Provide "Hands-On" equipment setup and operation.
  • Engage in group discussion on validation and application issues.
  • Discuss safety and material compatibility issues as they pertain to VHP® equipment and Vaprox® 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant uses.
  • VHP® Systems Operator and Safety Training Programs are held onsite and taught by experienced STERIS VHP Process Engineers.


Course Eligibility: The VHP® Systems Operator and Safety Training Program is available to STERIS customers and those designated by STERIS. Participation can be scheduled any time after the purchase of VHP® equipment, and Vaprox, with specific dates subject to availability. Training of individuals from other companies, such as consulting firms and other equipment suppliers, requires prior approval.

Course Objectives: Participants in the VHP® Systems Operator and Safety Training Program will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of hydrogen peroxide vapor technology utilized in portable and custom modular VHP® systems.
  • Describe the four phases of a VHP® cycle and the cycle development process. Examine VHP® technology safety and material compatibility issues.
  • Describe the validation of isolators and other VHP® system enclosures.
  • Connect, program, and operate the portable equipment such as the VHP® 1000ED and VHP® ARD systems.
  • Demonstrate routine maintenance and care of STERIS VHP® equipment.

Program Cost: The negotiated program fee incorporates a number of factors and covers the following: Onsite course instruction, performed by STERIS VHP Process engineers.

Course materials Certificate Course Registration: You may register for the VHP Systems Operator and Safety Training Program by contacting your STERIS Sales Representative or calling Life Sciences Customer Services at 800.444.9009.

*The VHP® Systems Operator and Safety Training should not be mistaken for the Vaprox® US EPA Label Training and Certification Program. This training is additional training that augments rather than substitutes for the Vaprox® US EPA Label Training and Certification required for US Vaprox customers.

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