• Biofilm


    A Complex Challenge

    Microbial contamination of process equipment can affect biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and other regulated and non-regulated industries. Microbial contamination, if not eradicated from the system prior to the next manufacturing batch of product, can impact the production batch as well as subsequent batches and potentially lead to formation of biofilms.

    Microorganisms within a biofilm are commonly encased in a slimy matrix referred to as an Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) that is essential for the microorganisms’ survival. The presence of EPS is very important as it increases the microorganisms’ resistance to environmental stresses, antimicrobial agents, and cleaning agents. Therefore, the removal of the EPS prior to sanitization or disinfection is critical.

    STERIS Can Help

    Our formulated detergents, disinfectants, application experience, and technical support can help your company:

    • Optimize your cleaning and disinfection program
    • Maximize production uptime
    • Support validated products and processes

    Products and Services

    STERIS Formulated Detergents are designed for your most difficult cleaning challenges. They employ multiple cleaning mechanisms such as wetting, solubility, dispersion, emulsification, hydrolysis and oxidation which work together to penetrate, dissolve, and rinse away product and microbial residues.

    Your facilities require a well-planned program to disinfect a variety of surfaces to maintain microbial control. STERIS Surface Disinfectants and Sporicides help to maintain effective microbial control of molds, spores, or viruses.

    Alkaline Detergents

    Alkaline Detergents are used to efficiently remove organic residues prior to sanitization or disinfection.

    Disinfectants and Liquid Sterilants

    Once the protective EPS is removed, quaternary ammonium disinfectants and/or sporicides are applied to provide assurance of a disinfected system.

    Application Support

    A highly qualified, industry-recognized team of chemists, microbiologists, and engineers is available to offer product and process consultation to maintain process equipment and to reduce the potential for biofilm formation.


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