• Derouging and Passivation

    A Difficult Industry Challenge

    Biotechnology manufacturing facilities house the world’s most state-of-the art stainless steel manufacturing equipment. Stainless steel corrosion, or rouge, is an industry-wide problem that, left untreated, can cause:

    • Problems with equipment cleaning and validation
    • Equipment downtime
    • Reduce equipment life
    • Product contamination

    Removing rouge and enhancing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel equipment are essential preventative maintenance requirements for any manufacturing facility.

    STERIS Can Help

    Our formulated detergents, application experience, and technical support can help your company

    • Optimize your cleaning and stainless steel maintenance program
    • Maximize production uptime
    • Enhance and maintain the condition of your stainless steel process equipment
    • Minimize the introduction or non-validated products and processes.

    Products and Services

    STERIS' Formulated Detergents are designed for your most difficult cleaning challenges. They employ multiple cleaning mechanisms such as wetting, solubility, dispersion, emulsification, hydrolysis and oxidation which work together to penetrate, dissolve and rinse away process residues.

    Alkaline Detergents are used to efficiently remove organic residues prior to derouging.

    Acid Detergents are used for derouging, passivation, and removing inorganic residues.

    Application Support

    A highly qualified, industry-recognized team of chemists, microbiologists and engineers is available to offer product and process consultation for your derouging and passivation application.


    Additional Resources 

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