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    A Difficult Industry Challenge

    Oral Solid Dosage forms are engineered blends of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients formed using wet and dry granulation, direct compression, or capsulation processes. These processes use complex equipment for operations including grinding, blending, granulating, drying, forming and coating. The interaction of ingredients, equipment and materials create difficult cleaning challenges.

    STERIS Can Help

    Our formulated chemistries, application experience and technical support can help your company:

    • Develop and optimize your cleaning and microbial control program
    • Meet process and cleaning validation requirements
    • Maximize your production uptime

    Products and Services

    STERIS formulated chemistries are designed for your most difficult cleaning challenges. Each product is supported by our industry leading technical support staff as well an extensive documentation package to help facilitate cleaning validation.

    Alkaline Detergents are used for the majority of cleaning applications due to their ability to penetrate and efficiently remove a wide range of organic residues.
    CIP 100® Alkaline Detergent is formulated for a broad range of residues and applications. 

    ProKlenz® 120 Alkaline Detergent is formulated for enhanced substrate compatibility.

    Neutral Detergents are commonly used in manual cleaning applications or with sensitive substrate due to their mild pH and enhanced compatibility. 

    ProKlenz NpH Neutral Detergent is a surfactant and solvent based formulation.
    ProKlenz Booster Detergent is a surfactant-based formulation with oxidizing agent and is effective against many tablet coatings.

    Application Support

    A highly qualified, industry-recognized team of chemists, microbiologists and engineers is available to offer product and process consultation support. Our Process And Cleaner Evaluation (PACE®) program is used by Customers worldwide to determine the optimum cleaning chemistry and parameters for their specific needs.


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