Guideline to Disinfectant Validation Webinar

Wednesday, November 02, 2016 10:31 AM

Guideline to Disinfectant Validation: Validation and Performance Testing of Antimicrobial Technologies Webinar

When: November 9, 2016 @12 pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time 

This webinar will cover the topic of "Validation and performance testing of antimicrobial technologies."

In this webinar you will learn:

I. How to ensure your disinfectant validation program is a success.

- Learn disinfectant testing methodologies.

- Review “real world” examples of disinfectant efficacy tests.

- Increase awareness of pitfalls encountered during testing.

II. Troubleshooting problems related to disinfectant efficacy testing. 

III. Ensuring a Complete Validation Program.

IV. Review a Case Study 

Instructor:  Jim Polarine, Manager of Technical Services at STERIS Corporation. He has been with STERIS Corporation for over nine years, where his current technical focus is microbial control in cleanrooms and other critical environments.


$385 for one person.

$700 for 2-5 people

$999 for 6-10 people


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