Biohazard Waste Management

Efficacy, reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness are what you depend on when managing your biohazardous waste. STERIS’ Continuous Effluent Decontamination (CED) technology is far superior, requiring a fraction of the space of traditional kill tanks. The system is versatile and expandable for every decontamination need. In addition, we provide on-site training, educational seminars and technical service and support to keep employees up-to-date on regulatory compliance issues, product safety, new technologies and protocols.

For more information regarding STERIS' CED System uses in vaccine manufacturing, please view the following recorded webinar:

"Continuous Effluent Decontamination System: The Evolution of Effluent Decontamination"

For more information regarding STERIS's CED System uses in BSL-3 and BSL-4 Bio-containment Applications, please view the following recorded webinar:

"Safety and Validation of CED in BSL-3 and BSL-4 Bio-Containment Applications"