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AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers

Amsco LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers

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Product Overview

STERIS’ AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers are easy to install, easy to use and always reliable. Twenty preprogrammed cycles and sturdy construction help satisfy the most challenging laboratory applications. The AMSCO LS Series is comprised of the 110LS (16 x 16 x 26" | 408 x 408 x 660mm) and the 250LS (20 x 20 x 38" | 508 x 508 x 695mm).


Each sterilizer is designed to process loads at temperatures ranging from 110C to 141C. Pre-Vacuum gravity or liquid cycles can be selected by the user. Parameters are user programmable. 


  • Flexibility – Provides standard cycles, such prevacuum, liquid and gravity, but also a new lab waste cycle.  The sterilizer can also be configured for BSL3+ or BSL4 applications.
  • Sustainability – New STERI-Green® and STERI-Green Plus® water conservation systems and other energy saving options
  • Easy to use – Easy to program control, with full flexibility for basic and advanced lab applications.
  • Reliable – ASME/PED certified 15 year warranty on the pressure vessel, 2 year warranty on the door gasket and 1 year warranty on the entire sterilizer.

Certificate of Analysis

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