Sterility Assurance and Barrier Products

Process Indicators

Your application demands sterility assurance and barrier products that are consistent and easy to use. STERIS with the recently acquired GEPCO brand now offers a wide range of process indicators, sterilization pouches and tubing, covers and closures and cleanroom solutions.  

STERIS process indicators are available in a variety of formats. Our high-performing process indicators provide you with consistent results in evaluating the efficacy of your sterilization program.  STERIS offers indicators for ethylene oxide (EO), dry heat, steam, and hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization applications.  STERIS has process indicators that are easy to use and assure that your process is consistently performing at an appropriate level. 

For autoclave sterilization, GEPCO’s Sterilization Wrapping System provides an unsurpassed assortment of component prep alternatives designed to save you time, increase compliance, and reduce risk of contamination.

Made from strong, durable Tyvek®, GEPCO’s Covers and Closures protect all sizes of equipment, simplify conformance to SOPs, reduce cross-contamination and improve the appearance of your production area.

GEPCO has over 25 years of experience solving problems in aseptic processing areas - helping you reduce risk, increase regulatory compliance and enhance your adherence to cGMPs.  We have pioneered the offering of sterile Tools, Utensils and other Problem Solvers for the Cleanroom.