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Spordex Culture Media

Spordex® Culture Media

Modified soybean casein digest broth and a pH indicator in individual, sterilized tubes that provide easy to read indication of microbial growth

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Product Overview

STERIS Spordex® Culture Media provides the nutrients for the incubation of bacteria spores. If there is microbial growth the media will undergo a distinct color change.


STERIS Spordex Culture Media is supplied in individual sterile screw-capped test tubes for easy use. It is intended to be used with Spordex and Spordi® Biological Indicator Strips, Discs, and Suspensions. Spordex Culture Media consists of a modified soybean casein digest broth and contains a pH indicator that provides an easy to read color change from red to yellow in the presence of microbial growth. This media is used to determine the D-value of each lot of STERIS Biological Indicators.


  • Productivity - Vivid color change of pH indicator during incubation to indicate microbial growth.
  • Reliability - The exact media used to generate the D-value of STERIS biological indicators.
  • Ease of Use - Lot number and expiration printed on each tube.
  • Easy to Validate - Label on each tube facilitates recording of date, sterilizer, or other information.
  • Efficacy - Meets current USP growth promotion media guidelines.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of manufacture/analysis for consumable products by product ID and lot number. (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader required)