Surface Disinfectants, Cleaners and Alcohols

Our Customers are facing more microbial control challenges in their facilities than ever before. Whether you need microbial control of molds, spores, or viruses, selecting the proper surface disinfectants is only the first step. Effective microbial control requires developing the proper application procedures for your surface disinfectants to get the most out of them including using alcohols to minimize residues left behind. 

Maintaining microbial control in your facility requires a thoughtful program to disinfect a variety of hard surfaces. Cleaning and disinfection practices can be enhanced by appropriately using a disinfectant product first and then removing surface residues with an alcohol based product. STERIS has a variety of formulated surface disinfectants and alcohols to do just that.

Our extensive expertise of surface disinfectants and alcohols will help you achieve a successful validation program to ensure your environment is clean. We have the right chemistry for the right application and take the guesswork out of surface disinfection. STERIS’ Technical Service group ensures that your solution will always be the right solution.