An important aspect to any microbial control program is including rinsing or cleaning steps to control residues. Residues can lead to future contamination whether they are on the floor or product contact surfaces. STERIS offers several other products for use in critical environments that are double bagged and designed for easy entry into cleanrooms. Our Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions are ideal for this important application since they have extremely low residues and decompose into water and oxygen. Oxidizing cleaners, like our hypochlorite solutions, can be extremely effective with tough soils. The oxidation of soils and organic residues can break them down into easier to remove compounds. Our ProKlenz Booster and ProKlenz NpH Sterile Detergents are ideal for this application because they can be easily brought into controlled environments and are formulated to remove challenging soils. Our Technical Service team can help customize your contamination control program to take advantage of these excellent products.