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Installation & Verification Services

Pharmaceutical Equipment Installation and Verification Services

When it comes to Qualification and Verification what sets STERIS apart is our deep understanding our equipment, our knowledge of operational specifications and the engineering support from our manufacturing teams.


Plug it in and turn it on, right? Not quite. There are many aspects of an installation for any customer to consider. STERIS will take care of the many installation services at each stage of equipment commissioning.

Commissioning Services

STERIS develops all necessary protocol and conducts all necessary tests required to verify that the equipment performs according to the design functional specifications. Validation work will be done using your specific load and application cycles.

Beginning with Documented Start Up testing and verification after installation, including site acceptance testing, STERIS will to perform initial calibration of critical instrumentations and verify there are no deviations from the original factory acceptance tests.

Our global teams of professionals draw upon a rich history of helping the industry develop and validate processes in critical environments. Contact us for more information to establish the solution you are looking for.

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