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Validation Services

Pharmaceutical Equipment Validation Services

Validation Services, are performed by STERIS professionals who have significant pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production and research process experience.

These professionals with work closely with your team in performing and documenting any planning, testing and documentation tests using the cycles and loads indicated by your process.

IQ / OQ (Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification)

STERIS IQ/OQ content and format, developed over decades of work, is widely accepted by major pharmaceutical Customers around the world. Our comprehensive tests verify that your equipment is installed and operating according to specifications. Our step by step methodology rigorously goes through every function and operation to remove and ensures repeatability of the process.

Performance Qualification

With the extensive knowledge of STERIS’s engineering with the objectivity and scrutiny of an independent validation group, STERIS’ Performance Qualification (PQ) provides a high degree of assurance that your equipment is installed and operating according to agreed upon specifications.

Cycle Development

STERIS Cycle Development Services are aimed at providing you with the most efficient and effective cycle(s) based upon the criteria specifications established for you. In addition to developing equipment cycles, STERIS will specify the selection and use of appropriate Sterility Assurance tools (biological and chemical indicators) and Formulated Chemistries (for cleaning and sterilization).

Other Verification Services

  • Empty and full Chamber heat distribution studies
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Steam Quality testing
  • Washers Coverage testing