Location: Boston, MA

Steam or dry heat? Join Marcel Dion, Director of Marketing for Washing and Steam Sterilization Systems at STERIS, on 10/18 at the I2SL Annual Conference as he discusses the primary differences, application options, productivity considerations, and ownership costs associated with these two sterilization technologies.

The objective of this presentation is to explore the advantages and disadvantages of two of the most common processes that are used, steam autoclaving and dry heat. Where should one use either in preference over the other? Which process will be the most efficient for my application? To help answer these questions, this presentation first describes how each process works and which application it is best suited for. Second, key selection elements such as productivity and total cost of ownership are compared.

Learning Objectives:

-Learn about basic principles of sterilization for components used in the pharmaceutical industry.
-Understand the key differences between moist heat and dry heat sterilization processes.
-Develop the capacity to articulate the advantages/disadvantages of both approaches and identify the best process for a given application
-Identify the sterilization method that will be the most efficient one for a given application.

Conference Information:

The I2SL Annual Conference is the leading international conference focused on strategies to meet the challenges of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in laboratories and related facilities. The conference is a technical forum where information is exchanged covering the life cycle of the laboratory from design to use. I2SL welcomes an international audience of owners, EH&S officials, facility managers, designers, engineers and lab users. I2SL expects more than 500 participants will attend the 2017 I2SL Annual Conference.

Dates: October 15-18

Location: Boston, MA

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