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Join the STERIS Life Sciences team for a wonderful learning opportunity during our upcoming webinar

With over 100 years of experience in steam sterilization, STERIS understands the importance of component preparation for aseptic manufacturing. In order to maximize the efficiencies of steam sterilization, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device organizations are looking to streamline pre and post cycle productivity. STERIS Contamination Control Solutions, with the new addition of our Barrier Product Solutions team, would like to invite you to a three part webinar series.

This first part of the webinar series discusses the principles of steam sterilization, introduces ways to improve productivity pre & post sterilization, and explores solutions to commonly encountered challenges. Make sure to join us for all 3! 

Time: 10:00 AM EDT
Duration: 1 hour and 30 min

PART 1: September 28th Principles of Steam Sterilization - COMPLETED
• Steam Sterilization Microbiology 
• Autoclave Engineering and Operational Overview 
• Impact of Steam Quality 
• D-value, Z-value and Lethality 

PART 2: October 11th Preparing your Aseptic Components for Steam Sterilization 
• Methods for Minimizing Preparation Variation and Improving Operational Efficiency 
• Cycle Monitoring Using Biological and Chemical Indicators 
• Wrapping Components 
• Avoiding Common Mistakes 

PART 3: October 27th Strategies for Improving Efficiency Post Steam Sterilization 
• Maintaining Sterile Components 
• Eliminating Wet Component Packs 
• Aseptic Presentation to the Filling Line 
• Common Mistakes and Solutions

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