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Cage and Rack Washer 5700LSR

Basil 5700LSR Cage and Rack Washer

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Product Overview

STERIS’ Basil 5700LSR Cage and Rack Washer was especially designed for efficient cleaning and drying of animal cages, racks, bottles, debris pans and other items used in the care of laboratory animals. The 5700LSR patented designs significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing productivity and providing unmatched flexibility. When combined with STERIS’s integrated system of products, chemistries and services, the 5700LSR helps minimize contamination risks and improve operational efficiencies.

How The Basil 5700LSR Cage And Rack Washer Works

STERIS’ Basil 5700LSR Cage and Rack Washer cleans and dries up to 184 rodent cages per cycle. Cages are positioned in especially designed racks to achieve complete coverage and provide efficient cleaning. A central spray system can be added to double productivity for rodent cages. Bottle baskets can also be positioned on a special cart that automatically connects to the solution delivery system. Cage racks can be placed directly in the chamber where the cleaning solution is circulated through an oscillating spray system. The 5700LSR is equipped with a patented separate mechanical core that contains staging tanks and all mechanical components for ease of service, and delivers cleaning solutions at a pressure > than 100 PSI (7 bars). A self-cleaning screen filters all solutions and automatically flushes debris to the drain. A powerful, optional drying system circulates heated and filtered air at high velocity over the cages and racks to achieve efficient drying. A VHP generator can also be hooked up to the 5700LSR to decontaminate heat sensitive items.

Why Basil 5700LSR Cage And Rack Washers?

  • Productivity – Unique, patented high pressure water spray system doubles rodent cage processing capacity.
  • Cost Savings - Optional heat recovering system and closed loop effluent cooling system minimize energy consumption.
  • Ease of Use - Standard non-proprietary programmable logic controller (PLC) provides easy cycle configuration and facilitates maintenance.
  • Integrated - Compatibility with VHP® Systems eliminates the need for a separate decontamination room, saving costs and valuable floor space.
  • Compact Design - Full glass, automatic sliding doors also save floor space in front of the unit.

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