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Glassware Dryers Reliance 1044

Reliance 1044 Glassware Dryer

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Product Overview

STERIS’ Reliance 1044 High Temperature Glassware Dryer provides unmatched flexibility and unsurpassed drying efficacy.

How The Reliance 1044 High Temperature Glassware Dryer Works:

STERIS' Reliance 1044 Glassware Dryer was especially designed for large capacity, effective drying of typical laboratory glassware. Filtered air can be heated up to 500F (260C) and circulated through the chamber to provide fast drying of flasks and bottles. The three adjustable height shelves can be positioned to dry various sizes of glassware or plastic-ware items. The 1044 dryer is equipped with an electronic adjustable thermostat and timer for maximum flexibility.

Why Reliance 1044 High Temperature Glassware Dryers?

  • Productivity - High temperature (500F, 260C) provides fast drying for various types of laboratory glassware.
  • Flexibility - Three adjustable height shelves accommodate various sizes of items.
  • Throughput - Programmable cycle timer automatically shuts off the dryer after a set cycle time.
  • Ease of Use - Adjustable electronic thermostat allows operator to easily set drying temperature for various items.
  • Easy to Maintain - All welded stainless steel construction makes the chamber corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

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