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Sell Sheet   Spor Klenz Ready to Use Cold Sterilants
Sell Sheet   Point of Use Pure Steam Generator Sell Sheet
Sell Sheet   Spor Klenz Ready to Use Cold Sterilants
Case Study   Prion Inactivation Using a New Gaseous Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Process

STERIS demonstrates that use of gaseous peroxide in a standard low-temperature sterilization process may present a useful method of prion inactivation

Article Reprint   Evaluating Surface Cleanliness Using a Risk-Based Approach

STERIS experts, E. Rivera and P. Lopolito, have written "Evaluating Surface Cleanliness Using a Risk-Based Approach" BioPharm International 30 (11) 2017.  This article talks about rinse sample analysis or visual inspection that can be correlated to surface cleanliness to replace surface sampling.

Surface cleanliness is crucial in ensuring that process residue, cleaning agent residue, and bioburden do not adversely affect the safety, quality, and potency of the drug manufactured.

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Case Study   Validation of Cleaning for Research Glassware
This Technical Tip covers validation of the cleaning of glassware used for research purposes in a pharmaceutical or other regulated manufacturing environments.
Sell Sheet   IQ OQ Validation
IQ OQ Validation
Sell Sheet   IQ OQ Validation Spanish
IQ OQ Validation Spanish
Article Reprint   BSC Biodecontamination with H2O2 Vapor

This article discusses the successful use of hydrogen peroxide vapor in the biodecontamination of Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinets. It will discuss the reasons why this process was chosen; the biodecontamination process; and the results.

Article Reprint   Room Decontamination With Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

STERIS demonstrates vaporized hydrogen peroxide biodecontamination efficacy in a variety of different pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research room applications.

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