steris webinar: vhp low temperature sterilization & biodecontamination chamber solutions
January 16

this webinar objective is to explain the vhp lts-v low temperature deep vacuum vaporized hydrogen peroxide (vhp) terminal sterilization process and theory and explain the vhp dc-a process for atmospheric low temperature material transfer.

webinar: steam or dry heat sterilization? a question of efficiency
January 18, 2018

this webinar presentation will explore the advantages and disadvantages of two of the most common sterilization processes, steam autoclaving and dry heat. join us as steris own, marcel dion, examines how each sterilization process works and which application it suits best.

steris webinar: discover the all-new steris vhp® dc-a atmospheric pass-through chambers
January 23

this webinar objective is to cover the operation, design, features, benefits, and applications for the new steris vhp dc-a atmospheric chambers for material transfer to aseptic manufacturing or a research facility.

webinar: solutions for addressing fungal and bacterial spore outbreaks in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device operations
January 31, 2018

this webinar on addressing fungal and bacterial spore outbreaks will discuss case studies on excursion investigations and show how facility design, personnel practices and cleaning and disinfection effect excursion investigations.

steris webinar: work smart - understand the current requirements for an efficient cleaning validation program as related to annex 15 requirements
February 1, 2018 during this webinar, we will shed light on the european changes and how these changes are now linked to each other and the impact they have on cleaning validation programs.

ispe 28th annual symposium & exhibition
February 1

come meet some of the steris team at the lincoln financial field, in philadelphia, pa at the ispe 28th annual symposium & exhibition.  we will be located at booth #1008.

understanding disinfection and cleanroom cleaning in a fda regulated environment webinar
February 6, 2018 join a webinar on 2/6 to learn the best strategy for selecting & rotating cleaning products for an effective & regulatory-compliant disinfection & cleaning program.
cleaning validation course
February 7 - 8 learn how to create a successful cleaning validation program that is gmp-compliant during our cleaning validation course in austria feb 7–8. space is limited to this comprehensive program.
pharmapack europe
February 7 - 8

join us in stand h2 – hall 7.1m 9:30 cet at pharmapack europe to learn how vhp can simplify your aseptic and packaging assembly process.

15th cdc international symposium on biosafety
February 10 - 14

come meet some of the steris team in atlanta, ga at the 15th cdc international symposium on biosafety. this years theme of "biosafety in the era of one health".  we will be located at booth #13.

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