Location: Nottingham Belfry Hotel

Date: November 28 - 29, 2018

From risk assessments to fungal and bacterial spores excursions in cleanrooms to microbiological challenges in manufacturing – this conference has it all. Plus, STERIS expert Jim Polarine will be speaking at this year’s event. 

Thursday, November 29th 
Case Studies: Fungal and Bacterial Sports Excursions in Cleanrooms
Time: 13.30 - 14.10
Presented by Jim Polarine

Industry has seen an increase in the number and species of bacterial endospores and mold spores found in many facilities. This presentation will focus on ways to proactively limit bacterial and mold spore contamination from incoming items into cleanrooms and limit other sources of spore contamination control.  

Current industry regulations in the US and Europe will be discussed related to sporicides and disinfectants. Additionally, the presentation will convey a robust approach to addressing bacterial and fungal spores by covering personnel practices, incoming items into cleanrooms, facility design and conditions, and the products used to address bacterial and mold spores as well as more resistant bacterial spore species such as bacillus cereus.  

New and recent case studies will be covered which a focus on new antimicrobial chemisities and their performance against fungal and bacterial spores in cleanrooms. Attendees will ascertain a better approach to root causes and determining sources of spore contamination in their cleanroom controlled facilities.