a3p bioproduction congress
June 27-28, 2018

we are gearing up for the a3p bioproduction congress this june! interested in attending? learn more about steris led presentations and register for the event.

steam or dry heat sterilization? a question of efficiency
July 11, 2018 explore the advantages and disadvantages of the most common sterilization processes; steam autoclaving and dry heat during this comprehensive webinar!
ispe thailand 15th anniversary annual meeting
July 16 - 18

steris is honored to be a part of the ‘quality beyond compliance’ discussion at this year’s ispe thailand annual meeting! learn more about our presentations at this year’s event.

applied cleaning validation practices: a steris master course
July 17 - 18

join steris' experts for a 2-day intensive course presented by invited industry experts that will cover industry practices and regulatory expectations and trends in cleaning and cleaning validation.

steris webinar: steam sterilization and autoclave performance qualification
July 19, 2018

 join our free webinar on july 19th as we discuss the steam sterilization and autoclave performance qualification. the fundamentals being discussed are critical to this process.

ispe malaysia seminar: an audit approach to address microbial contamination in process equipment
July 24, 2018 technical service manager, richard chai is helping break down the various factors that can lead to microbial contamination in process equipment during this day long seminar with ispe malaysia on july 24th.
addressing biofilm and other non-routine microbial events
August 2, 2018 join us at the pda training and research institute in maryland for a new course on best practices for contamination control and defining critical elements of risk-based approach for non-routine microbial events.
gaining and re-establishing control of your cleanroom webinar
August 20, 2018 starting a new cleanroom operation? we have the perfect webinar for you! join jim polarine and compliance online on august 20th for a webinar on ‘gaining and re-establishing control of your cleanroom.
cleaning validation conference
August 21 - 23 designing a well thought out cleaning process is the first step in contamination control. learn industry best practices along with plenty of tips at this year’s cleaning validation conference with beth kroeger.
acs national meeting & expo
August 19 - 23, 2018 we all know cleaning validations are difficult and time-consuming, but did you know they can be made easier if an appropriate method for analyzing the residual soil is used? this is just one of the many topics we’ll be covering at the acs national meeting & expo on august 23rd.

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