Location: Geneva, Switzerland

A3P Bioproduction Day

February 5, 2019

Join us with the A3P Bioproduction Congress for a day long clinic focusing on case studies, first-hand testimonials with the goal to help improve efficiencies in biomanufacturing. STERIS experts, including Technical Services Manager, Aaron Mertens, will be participating in two workshop sessions and you can visit us at Stand 9 with any questions! 

Workshop 3 (11:30) | Session 1: How Contamination Control Program Impacts Product Sterility 
Overview: Maintaining microbial control in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech cleanroom environment is no only a regulatory requirement and expectation, but is absolutely critical to prevent contamination of the finished product. An effective cleaning and disinfection program is no sufficient to ensure product sterility.  Adding in layers of protection in the manufacturing process Selecting the most effective decontamination products against environmental isolates Case study examples showing how to increase protection over critical areas. 

Workshop 3 (15:00)| Session 2: Maximizing Sterility Assurance by Protecting Equipment Pre and Post Sterilization 
Overview: Preparation of components used in aseptic drug manufacturing is critical for successful sterilization and protection throughout the manufacturing process. In order to maximize efficiencies in production, pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical device organizations must streamline pre and post sterilization cycle productivity. Customized sterilization wrapping systems for improved operational efficiency. This presentation discusses unique sterilization wrapping systems for improving sterility, quality and productivity, and post sterilization. In this session, the case studies demonstrate specific methods for minimizing variation and improving operational efficiency. Specific features of the wrapping system and the presentation of the product. Common challenges and solutions are addressed to streamline system implementation.