Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Cleaning Validation Seminar & Workshop

February 6 - 7, 2019

If you’re staff of R&D, production and quality assurance specifically involved in cleaning validation - this two day workshop is for you.  This seminar will also be beneficial to engineering companies interested in learning more about the pharmaceutical industry’s viewpoint.  With specific learning goals related to cleaning validation, companies will be better suited to answer GMP-compliant questions, cost-effective approaches, while maximizing effectiveness. Our Technical Services Manager, Walid El Azab, will be one of the speakers facilitating the workshops at this seminar.

Learning Objectives:

  • APIs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Cleaning Validation Concepts
  • Cleaning validation protocol and report
  • Risk Management
  • Pitfalls and findings in inspections/Warning Letters
  • Is cleaning evaluation accepted by GMP
  • Special Aspects of Cleaning Validation
  • Validation of holding times
  • Acceptance Criteria: PDE vs others
  • Technical and Organizational aspects on Equipment
  • Cleaning Validation in Biotech API Plants

Pick from 4 workshops to attend:

  • Cleaning Validation regarding Medicinal Products
  • Cleaning Validation regarding chemical API manufacturing
  • Cleaning Validation regarding biological API manufacturing
  • Develop a Cleaning Validation procedure from start to end
This education course is recognized for the ECA GMP Certification Programme, Certified Validation Manager. More details: www.gmp-certification.eu

Limited Spaces Available!