Location: San Diego, California

With recreational and medicinal use becoming more mainstream in the U.S. and Canada - the scientific knowledge and state on medicinal cannabis is still largely unknown with a fragmented regulatory environment in the U.S. Join us at the 2-day Canna-Pharma event where our expert Beth Kroeger, will be speaking during day one about keeping cannabis safe and clean throughout the lifespan of the product. 

Day 1 |  November 13 |  3:45PM
Cannabis, Keeping it Clean

Presented by: Beth Kroeger, Technical Services Manager

As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, there is a growing demand for testing to ensure the safety of not only medical marijuana, but recreational cannabis as well.  Both in Canada and the US, strict guidelines have been imposed on the industry to ensure the final product does not contain significant levels of harmful substances. This presentation will provide an overview of the industry from cultivation, harvesting, and extraction along with the industry issues for meeting these requirements at each of these stages. 

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