Location: London, United Kingdom

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Cleanroom Technology
October 9 - 10, 2019

Cleanroom technology and innovation continue to rapidly advance in the pharmaceutical manufacturing space - this upcoming conference hosted by the SMi Group brings together industry experts to discuss the latest in regulatory standards, advancements in cleanroom technology, and much more! Our expert, Joseph McCall will be part of the two-day seminar see presentation information below. 

Day 2 - 15:10 | A Risk-Based Approach to Cleaning and Disinfection
Presented by: Joseph McCall 

Topics Covered:

  • Will cover current industry regulations in the US, Europe and Globally related to cleaning and disinfection
  • Regulatory expectations including the latest revision of Annex I and recent FDA Warning Letters and 483’s related to cleaning and disinfection 
  • Cleaning frequency, disinfectant rotation, rinsing and residue removal, disinfectant coverage calculations and the most current equipment and methodologies for cleaning and disinfection will be covered in detail
  • The topic of sterility relating to cleanroom disinfectants and sporicides will be explained
  • This session will provide the ability to design an effective risk-based approach to cleaning and disinfection

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