Location: Webinar

Join our experts, Paul Lopolito and Elizabeth Rivera for their upcoming microbial contamination webinar in collaboration with Executive Conference Corporation (ECC) Webinars. Microbial contamination within your process equipment can lead to costly delays in manufacturing and product release, while affecting many industries from pharmaceutical, medical devices, dietary supplements, biopharmaceutical and personal care.

Our experts will share with attendees a holistic approach to the situation based on research and experience with addressing microbial contamination and biofilm remediation of process equipment. Paul and Elizabeth will also focus on three critical and effective elements for troubleshooting and correcting microbial contamination issues: 

  1. Cleaning parameters to ensure effective residue removal.  A simplified laboratory screening process will be discussed along with specific examples on how information generated from these studies can be used to develop effective cleaning strategies. 
  2. Surface and cleaning equipment design. Surface and design issues may include materials of construction, rouge, length and orientation of dead legs, slope of piping, crevices and drainability. Surface and equipment design issues can lead to in-effective cleaning and sanitization. 
  3. Disinfection/sanitization practices, which could include steam, hot water, or chemical treatments. Understanding the type of microbial contamination is important in selection of the disinfection/sanitization strategy and control of critical parameters ensure microbial efficacy. 

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