Location: Webinar

During our upcoming free webinar, our experts will provide an overview of VHP low temperature sterilization technology. From equipment and applications to process control and variables, our experts will discuss and cover the different manufacturing use-cases as well as how, when and what to prepare in order to utilize VHP technology and equipment standards with your product and manufacturing chain. 

Who Will Benefit?  

  • Drug and delivery device developer
  • Pharmaceutical & medical device business developers
  • Aseptic manufacturing facility leaders
  • Packaging CMO facilities management
  • Sterility assurance department
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing technology executives and decision makers
  • Manufacturers of implants and implanted electronic devices
  • Validation managers

We understand the importance of knowing the key requirements of implementing a low temperature sterilization process through validation prerequisites and requirements! We hope you’ll join us for our complimentary 1-hour webinar as we dive into a comprehensive overview. 

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