kenx cleanroom validation, disinfection and environmental monitoring conference
February 17 - 19, 2020

our team is excited to present throughout the three days with kenx, the cleanroom validation, disinfection and environmental monitoring conference.

overview of cleaning validation and elements of an effective bioburden control strategy
February 25, 2020 our experts richard chai and neo aik ann, will be leading this one-day seminar providing an overview of cleaning and validation along with effective bioburden control strategies.
contamination control strategies: facts and sciences to consider webinar
February 26, 2020

this webinar will help attendees understand how to follow a risk-based approach for cleaning and disinfection and solutions to proactively prevent contamination from reoccurring.

cdc international symposium on biosafety
February 29 - March 4, 2020

join us in atlanta for the 16th cdc international symposium on biosafety - laboratory safety and security for clinical, public health, research and animal care.

leveraging master soil selection: cleaning validation design phase through fat an automated parts washer
March 4, 2020

our team of experts will dive into everything you need to know about master soil and the selection process of master soil as part of the cleaning validation process of an automated parts washer.

addressing biofilm in pharmaceutical manufacturing webinar
March 11, 2020

our next free webinar dives into the challenges faced with microbial contamination in pharmaceutical processing.

eca academy: cleaning validation
March 17-18, 2020 steris technical services manager, walid el azab, is one of the four distinguished speakers at the upcoming eca academy cleaning validation two day seminar in berlin.
gmp vs. non-gmp washers and sterilizers webinar
March 19, 2020

with a wide range of washers and sterilizers available in the market and designed for various applications, common questions often arise.

vhp lts-v low temperature terminal surface sterilization webinar
March 26, 2020

during our upcoming free webinar, our experts will provide an overview of vhp low temperature sterilization technology.

pda virtual training: cleaning and disinfection webinar
April 13, 2020

expert, jim polarine is leading a live virtual training in collaboration with pda - parenteral drug association!

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