fundamentals of aseptic processing seminar
April 13 - 16, 2020

our team is teaming up with pda for multiple training courses throughout the year on the fundamentals of aseptic processing.

cleaning & disinfection program: from a to z
April 21, 2020

join our team of experts during this free webinar that will discuss how to design a robust cleaning and disinfection program.

derouging and passivation of stainless steel equipment webinar
April 21, 2020

our expert, paul lopolito is teaming up with the executive conference corporation (ecc) webinars to present a comprehensive overview on causes, concerns and remediation of rouge on stainless steel equipment, and passivation best practices and tools for verification.

contamination control: common current myths & urban legends in the pharmaceutical industry
April 23, 2020

join our expert jim polarine as he hosts the upcoming ecc webinar on contamination control in the pharmaceutical industry.

tips for drafting a process oriented urs webinar
April 29, 2020

our upcoming free webinar will be providing a broad overview of vhp and discussing the important pieces of information to consider when drafting a process-oriented user requirement specifications (urs).

component preparation and aseptic presentation for sterile fill-finish manufacturing three-part webinar series
April 23, 28, 30, 2020

this webinar series will discuss the principles of steam sterilization, introduce ways to improve productivity pre & post sterilization and explore solutions to commonly encountered challenges.

kenx contamination control online training
May 6, 2020

our technical services senior manager, beth kroeger is leading one of the four sessions during kenx contamination control online training.

current trends in the industry in disinfectant rotation and residue removal
May 13, 2020

join our expert, jim polarine for his next webinar in collaboration with executive conference corporation (ecc) webinars.

pda webinar: a risk based cleaning and disinfection program
May 26, 2020

our expert, jim polarine is excited to host the pda missouri valley chapter’s inaugural free morning webinar talk!

pda webinar - covid impact on pharma industry
May 27, 2020

join our expert, jim polarine and the rest of the pda covid-19 task force for their first webinar discussing the virus’ impact on the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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