April 3, 2014 Webinar

Noon - 1:30 Pm Eastern Standard Time

Microbial contamination of process equipment is a concern for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, dietary supplement and personal care industries. Microbial contamination issues can lead to delays in manufacturing and product release.

During the webinar we will focus on three critical elements that have been effective in trouble-shooting and correcting microbial contamination issues at various sites.

  • Cleaning parameters to ensure effective residue removal. A simplified laboratory screening process will be discussed along with specific examples on how information generated from these studies can be used to develop effective cleaning strategies.
  • Surface and equipment design. Surface and design issues may include materials of construction, rouge, length and orientation of dead legs, slope of piping, crevices and drainability. Surface and equipment design issues can lead to in-effective cleaning and sanitization.
  • Disinfection/sanitization practices, which may include steam, hot water or chemical treatments. Understanding the type of microbial contamination is important in selection of the disinfection/sanitization strategy and control of critical parameters ensure microbial efficacy.

This webinar will also include various case examples from different industries to illustrate microbial contamination stemming from multiple issues.


$385 for one person

$700 2-5 people

$999 6-10 people  

Instructors: Paul Lopolito and Elizabeth Rivera

Paul Lopolito is a technical services manager for the Life Sciences Division of STERIS Corporation (Mentor, Ohio). He currently provides global technical support related to critical environment and process research cleaners, which includes field support, site audits, training presentations and educational seminars. Paul has over 15 years of industry experience and has held positions as a technical services manager, manufacturing manager and laboratory manager. Paul is a frequent speaker at industry events including the PDA, ISPE, INTERPHEX, AALAS, and IVT. Paul has published several articles and book-chapters related to cleaning and cleaning validation. He earned a B.A. in Biological Sciences from Goucher College in Towson, MD.

Elizabeth Rivera is a technical services specialist for the Life Sciences Division of STERIS Corporation (Mentor, Ohio). She provides technical support in the areas of formulated detergents, disinfectants for critical environments, and sterility assurance products. In addition, she specializes in cleaning and validation processes, lectures in technical events like IPA, Interphex, among others. She holds a Bachelor and Graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.

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