STERIS Life Sciences Fall Webinar Series 

From Formulated Chemistries, to Capital Equipment to Parts & Services, STERIS Life Sciences is science and solutions for life. STERIS invites you to join us for an upcoming webinar. We have an exciting schedule of upcoming programs with topics such as cleaning validation programs, understanding key industry regulations, green principles, and terminal sterilization.

Register here for, “Considerations for Cleaning Validation using Automated Washing Systems”
October 29th @ 11 AM ET

Register here for, “Lab Waste Sterilization Challenges”
November 3rd @ 10 AM ET

Register here for, “Join STERIS Life Sciences to Learn more about Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) values for Residual Active Substances”
November 5th @ 11 AM ET

Register here for, “VHP LTS-V Low Temperature Surfaces Terminal Sterilization”
November 12th @ 10 AM ET