New sterilization systems provide maximum flexibility with enhanced Decontamination Cycle

MENTOR, OHIO – October 1st, 2015 – STERIS Corporation announces the addition of the FINN-AQUA 77 Series Medium Steam Sterilizer to its line of laboratory steam sterilization systems. This new product line is designed to help STERIS research customers better address their specific decontamination needs.

Biosafety laboratories and high containment facilities require highly reliable sterilization systems to prevent the emission of dangerous agents and infectious material in the environment. The pathogenic nature of waste material from such facilities requires equipment that can provide reliable and efficient decontamination processes and accommodate a large variety of applications.

“The 77 Series is especially designed for BSL-3 and 4 laboratories as well as other types of high containment facilities,” comments Marcel Dion, Director of Marketing, Washing and Sterilization Systems for STERIS Life Sciences. “The decontamination cycle with Virasure™ Air Decontamination System ensures that no waste or contaminated air is released to the environment. This innovative system provides unmatched process safety by combining both incineration and filtration processes.”

“The 77 Series sterilizers provide all the flexibility required for busy research applications”, indicates Dion. Three different chamber lengths are available for various load sizes. A fully integral steam generator can be provided for installations where steam supply is not available. Units can be fitted with an air differential seal or a “bioseal” to minimize the flow of air between the non sterile and sterile areas or to form a hermetic barrier between the hot and cold zones. Up to twenty user programmable cycles can be used to process various types of dry good products as well as liquid loads.

“Special attention was paid to the ease of use of the autoclave,” says Ken Ungar, Associate Product Manager, Sterilization Systems for STERIS Life Sciences. “These units are provided with a simple color touch screen with easy to navigate screens. The access to various control functions can be facilitated further by using an intuitive computer tablet. Finally, the automatic sliding doors can easily be operated with the touch of a button.”

“The vertical sliding doors also contribute to saving valuable floor space in the facility,” continues Ken. “On basic models, all components are accessible from the front for maintenance. This allows for installing the units in tight spaces, another significant benefit.”

The design of this new FINN-AQUA Series is based on more than 100 years of experience in steam sterilization ensuring a high level of performance and reliability.

Local STERIS Life Sciences account managers can be contacted for more information.

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