New sterilization system delivers a leap in energy savings and control capability


MENTOR, OHIO – April 1, 2016 – The research market globally requires steam sterilizers that are easy to use, cost effective, and able to keep up with advances in control capabilities.  In response, STERIS is releasing the next edition to the LS series, the AMSCO® 110LS and 250LS Small Steam Sterilizers.

STERIS’s new AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers are designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern research lab, providing a new level of versatility and performance. The control of the AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers allow for very simple programming of sterilization cycles, and yet offers more flexibility than ever for those with more advanced applications.  The LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers are also preprogrammed with new standard cycles designed for specific lab applications.  One such cycle is designed for common lab waste decontamination in autoclavable bags. 

In keeping with STERIS’s commitment to sustainability, the AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers utilize the newest water conservation systems developed by STERIS: the STERI-Green® and STERI-Green Plus® Water Conservation Systems.  Both of these systems increase the water saving provided by a vacuum pump alone, leading to a savings of up to 99% when utilizing chilled water.  “We are pleased with these new options,” states Ken Ungar, Associate Product Manager, “since in many cases either system can be integrated into the footprint of the autoclave, thereby reducing the overall footprint as well.

Finally, in a day when connectivity to computers and mobile devices is the norm, the AMSCO LS Series Small Steam Sterilizers are able to send out print data, cycle status alerts, and alarms wirelessly.  Marcel Dion, Director Marketing states that, “This is a standard feature we are pleased to offer on every sterilizer shipped.  It can be set up upon installation in a few minutes.  Up to twelve users are able to receive these alerts customized to their preferences.”  These settings can easily be adjusted at any time through the panel.

For over 100 years, STERIS has been known as a global leader, trusted partner and solutions provider in the field of sterilization and contamination control. Today, STERIS continues building on this heritage by advancing the Science of sterilization, cleaning and infection control while offering Solutions that meet our Customers’ needs and high standards. STERIS is dedicated to helping you enhance the Life of your patients and the life of your equipment. From Formulated Chemistries, to Capital Equipment, to Parts and Services, STERIS Life Sciences is Science & Solutions for Life.


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