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Case Study   Biodecontamination of Animal Rooms & Heat Sensitive Equipment

STERIS offers a green alternative to traditional decontamination methods.

Case Study   Biodecontamination Project: BSL3 Research Facility

Uncover the comprehensive biodecontamination process STERIS used for this research facility.

Case Study   TOC Monitoring Illustration

Find out how a TOC Monitoring System can be integrated into a COP Parts Washer.

Case Study   Validation of Cleaning for Research Glassware

This technical tip covers validation of the cleaning of glassware used for research purposes in a pharmaceutical or other regulated manufacturing environments.

Case Study   Cleaning Process Design Stage

The FDA has indicated that implementing a life cycle approach for legacy products is likely to begin with the continued process verification stage.

Case Study   General Cleaning Recommendation for Removal of a Microbial Residue

The removal of the EPS prior to sanitization or disinfection is critical.

Case Study   Biodecontamination Project Lab Animal Research Facility
Data Sheet   Steraffirm Control Tubes Data - 160ºC 60 min
Data Sheet   Steraffirm VH2O2 Process Indicator PCC051 PCC060 Technical Data Sheet
Data Sheet   Steraffirm VHP Chemical Indicator Data - NB305

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