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Article Reprint   BSC Biodecontamination with H2O2 Vapor

Discover how successful the use of hydrogen peroxide vapor has been in the biodecontamination of bio safety cabinets.

Case Study   Material Compatibility with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

Discover a new option for Point-of-Manufacture sterilization.

  Vaporous Biodecontamination: A Matter of Efficiency

Compare and contrast vaporized and aerosolized hydrogen peroxide to discover implications and success.

Article Reprint   Vapour Trail: Looking at the Benefits of Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide

Take a look at safe material transfer of device components and terminal sterilization of packaged products by using VHP.

Data Sheet   Vaprox Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant Tech Data Sheet
Data Sheet   Vaprox 59 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant Technical Data Sheet
  Steam Sterilisation: The importance of air removal and verification

Understand the importance of air removal and verification including test details, regulations and standards, and risk mitigation for steam sterilization.

Data Sheet   Verify CI Data - Steam
Data Sheet   Verify CI Data - Laminated Steam & EO
Data Sheet   Verify CI Data - Steam & EO

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