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Article Reprint   VHP X10 Press Release

The STERIS VHP X10 Biodecontamination Unit is designed for the biodecontamination of cleaned, sealed, dry Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinets using STERIS’s VHP process technology with Vaprox® 59 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant. Capable of biodecontaminating multiple cabinets per day, the X10 is packaged in a rugged transport case with retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation.

Article Reprint   Steam or Dry Heat Sterilization: Which is Best for My Application?

Determine whether you should use steam or dry heat for your sterilization process.

Article Reprint   Microplastics and Water for Injection (WFI)

Read more about how the presence of microplastics in the environment could be effecting the pharmaceutical industry.

Article Reprint   Biohazardous Waste Decontamination in an Autoclave

Find recommendations for using autoclave steam sterilizers during the decontamination process.

Article Reprint   Automated Washing Principles and Common Mistakes

Explore key process parameters, such as time, temperature, chemistry, coverage, and mechanical action.

Article Reprint   Validation for Automated Washing Systems

Find out the best practices within the 3 stage process for the cleaning lifecycle approach.

Case Study   Biodecontamination of BSL-3 Laboratory Suite with VHP

Find out how we decontaminated an 18,000 sq. foot facility within 12 hours.

Article Reprint   Vapour Trail: Looking at the Benefits of Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide

Take a look at safe material transfer of device components and terminal sterilization of packaged products by using VHP.

  Vaporous Biodecontamination: A Matter of Efficiency

Compare and contrast vaporized and aerosolized hydrogen peroxide to discover implications and success.

Case Study   Material Compatibility with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

Discover a new option for Point-of-Manufacture sterilization.

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