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MSDS   CIP 100 Detergent Safety - Swedish
MSDS   CIP 200 Detergent Safety - Swedish
MSDS   Spordex BI Suspension Safety
Data Sheet   Spordex BI Suspension Data - Steam
Data Sheet   Spordex BI Suspension Data - EO
Sell Sheet   General Procedure for Derouging Stainless Steel Surfaces
Brochure   PACE Program Submission Form
Case Study   Biodecontamination Project Chemical Processing Rooms Case Study

Fungal contamination is a common problem faced by many facilities. Generally, a manual cleaning method using either a detergent or an antimicrobial product is performed. When fungal contamination continues to reoccur, other biodecontamination methods need to be evaluated. Facing this challenge, a prominent manufacturing facility in Chicago, IL turned to STERIS Life Sciences Biodecontamination Services to help with their biodecontamination needs.

MSDS   Spordex BI Mini Strips Safety
MSDS   Spordex BI Strips Safety

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