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Replacing Your Finn-Aqua Sight Glass

Reduce downtime on your annual sight glass and gasket replacement while maintaining performance and compliance. 

Benefits of the sight glass upgrade:

  • New High-Pressure Clamp
    • As opposed to the threaded style, this clamp prevents seizing and eliminates thread galling/damage. 
  • Easier Replacement
    • Save time when it's time for replacement of your sight glass by simply opening the clamp.
  • Equal Exchange Functionality
    • Remain compliant with your existing specification as this upgrade functions like the original.
  • No Effect on Distillation or Pure Steam Production
    • These processes will continue to help you achieve your performance requirements. 

This upgrade is applicable for any Finn-Aqua H-, S-, G-, T- Columns (PSG and WFI Still).

Finn-Aqua Water Still


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