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Cage-Klenz 220 Acid Detergent

Cage-Klenz® 220 Acid-Based Cage Wash Detergent

Glycolic Acid Detergent; Removes Hard Water and Urine Scale

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Product Overview

Cage-Klenz® 220 Acid-Based Cage Wash Detergent is specially formulated for the safe and effective removal of hard water scale, urine scale and organic residues found in research animal caging.


Cage-Klenz 220 Acid-Based Cage Wash Detergent is a liquid phosphate-free, hydroxyacetic acid-based detergent.


Efficacy - Effectively cleans hard water and urine scale, and organic soils in both soft and hard water
Flexibility - Excellent materials compatibility with a wide variety of caging materials including polycarbonate
Cost Savings - Reduces utility consumption and cleaning time due with low foaming, free-rinsing formulation
Environmentally Friendly - phosphate-free formulation with biodegradable surfactants
Reliability - Manufactured in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered and ISO 9001 certified facility



pH (1%): 2.8, typical

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