Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Your business is to deliver safe and effective drugs to the marketplace. Whether you are producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or finished pharmaceuticals, STERIS has solutions for you. We work with the largest manufacturers of tables, capsules, liquid doses, and parenterals to provide an effective program for cleaning manufacturing equipment and formulated chemistries. Achieving reliability and consistency in your processes is the ultimate result. STERIS can help you meet demanding regulatory requirements, maximize your production time, validate your processes, and ultimately increase your speed to market - with no surprises along the way.

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General Cleaning Recommendation for Removal of a Microbial Residue

The presence of EPS is very important as it increases the microorganisms' resistance to environmental stresses, antimicrobial agents and cleaning agents. Therefore, the removal of the EPS prior to sanitization or disinfection is critical.
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Formulated Chemistries vs. Commodity Cleaners

Learn about the difference between STERIS Life Sciences' Formulated Chemistries vs. commodity cleaners. Unlike commodity cleaners like sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid, STERIS Life Sciences pharmaceutical detergents are formulated with ingredients that employ multiple cleaning mechanisms, making them the most effective option for clean-in-place, clean-out-of-place and manual cleaning applications.

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