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Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

The following professionals are dedicated to providing you with unmatched technical services to support your cleaning and microbial control objectives. We are committed to helping you.




Amanda Deal
Amanda is a Technical Service Associate. She currently conducts laboratory evaluations to
recommend cleaning procedures for Customers (PACE). Amanda’s background includes more than ten years laboratory experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Amanda has a B.S. in Biology.

Dijana Hadziselimovic
Dijana is a Senior Technical Service Associate. She currently conducts laboratory evaluations to
recommend cleaning procedures for Customers (PACE) and provides technical support for process research cleaners. She has over 13 years of laboratory experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Dijana has a B.A. in Chemistry.

Susan Heil
Susan is the Technical Services Administrator and is responsible for the management of the confidential disclosure agreements and technical literature. She coordinates seminars, tranining programs and provides support for Formulated Chemistries Customers and Account Managers. Susan has over 25 years of professional office experience.

Seth R. Hill
Seth is a Customer Applications Specialist. He supports our Customers in the area of storage and
delivery systems for STERIS formulated chemistries. This includes designing and installing delivery systems and matching application devices to meet Customer’s specific needs. Seth has over 10 years experience in management of animal research facilities, logistics and in application, storage and delivery of formulated chemistries.

Beth Kroeger
Beth is a Technical Service Specialist who specializes in cleaning chemistries, processes and
validation. Beth’s background includes over 20 years experience in finished pharmaceutical operations, upstream and downstream biotech manufacturing and research and development in diagnostic assay development. Beth has held positions in operations management and as manufacturing lead for scale-up and technical transfer of biopharmaceuticals in GMP regulated facilities. Beth has a B.S. in Biochemistry.

Paul Lopolito
Paul is a manager for the Technical Services Group and oversees the PACE program. He currently provides technical support related to process cleaning and contamination control, which includes field support, site audits, training, and education seminars. Paul has over 15 years of industry experience. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and has published several articles and book-chapters. Paul's background includes product development, manufacturing and validation within cGMP/ISO regulated facilities, particularly in the biopharm and biomedical device industry. He has a B.A. in Biological Sciences.

Brook Meadows
Brook is a Technical Services Associate Scientist II who is responsible for development and validation of
analytical methods for the detergent and surface disinfectant products. She performs rinsability, swabbing, stability and other specialized studies to support Customer needs. Brook has authored over 50 analytical methods and has over 15 years experience as an analytical chemist with a background in pharmaceutical quality control. Brook has a B.S. in Chemistry.

Jim Polarine
Jim is a manager for the Technical Services Group. He specializes in cleaning, disinfection, microbial control, excursion investigations and cleanroom issues. Jim currently serves as a member of the PDA interest groups for Biotechnology and Environmental Monitoring, the PDA task force on Cleaning and Disinfection and as a member of the faculty for the University of Tennessee Patenteral Medications Course. He has a B.S. and a M.A. in Biology.

Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth is a Technical Service Specialist. She specializes in cleaning chemistries, processes and validation. Elizabeth's background includes both manufacturing and technology transfer within GMP regulated facilities. She has extensive experience in cleaning programs for bulk pharmaceutical actives as well as manufacturing equipment qualification, process validation, discrepancy investigation, and CAPA.  She has a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Elaine Kopis Sartain
Elaine is the Sr. Director of Global Marketing for Formulated Chemistries. In this position she directs both the product marketing and technical services functions. Elaine has extensive experience in cleaning and in troubleshooting microbial control issues in cleanrooms. She has lectured extensively around the globe and has numerous publications. She has a B.S. in Chemistry.

George Verghese
George is the Director of the Technical Services Group. George has more than 25 years experience in manufacturing, product and applications development, process scale-up and cleaning validation. He has authored numerous articles and lectured to pharmaceutical industry audiences worldwide on various topics related to contamination control. He has a B.S. and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering.