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Technical Consultation & Literature

Consultation with our experts can be done on the phone, via video conference or at your facility. Phone consultation is helpful in giving you additional information that is not available in our printed literature. Of course, if proprietary and confidential information is required, it is done under a non-disclosure agreement. We can also advise you on more complex cleaning, microbial control and validation issues. If your concerns involve several technical specialties, a conference call can be arranged to bring several experts to focus on the contamination prevention issues you face. In some cases, you can best be helped by having a technical service specialist visit your facility to conduct an "audit", to assist in a start up, or to help you troubleshoot a complex problem. In all cases, our goal is to help you explore the various options available to meet your contamination prevention objectives. 

Technical Literature – The Technical Services group produces a variety of literature to assist you in selecting an optimal contamination control process and in validating that process.

Our comprehensive technical documents library includes:

  • Technical Tips: These are articles of general applicability covering relevant issues relating to cleaning and microbial control. They generally address approaches to a given issue or the rationale for certain practices.
  • Laboratory Reports: These are specific studies on STERIS products, documenting performance in testing protocols relevant to safety, efficacy, validation, material compatibility and the like.
  • Analytical Methods: These are methods applicable to STERIS products for measuring residues of cleaning and microbial control agents for validation or monitoring purposes.These include our validated Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) methods.
  • Case Histories: These are real-world examples of how contamination prevention issues were addressed in specific manufacturing situations.
  • Technical Data Sheets: These are STERIS product descriptions with recommended uses.

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