Market Applications

Your business is to deliver safe and effective products to the marketplace. STERIS can help you meet demanding regulatory requirements, maximize your production time, validate your processes, and ultimately increase your speed to market with no surprises along the way.

Aseptic Sterile Processing

Maintain a sterile environment while controlling your aseptic process every step of the way.


Optimize your cleaning and disinfection program, and maximize uptime.

Blood Plasma Fractionation

Cleaning for the blood plasma fractionation industry

Cannabis Manufacturing

STERIS products available for cleaning challenges in the cannabis industry associated with manufacturing cannabis-derived products

Compounding Pharmacy

Product offering for compounding pharmacy 503B facilities for sterile manufacturing

Contract Sterilization

Contract sterilization services for the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer and industrial markets

Derouging and Passivation

Comprehensive product offering for derouging and passivation of stainless steel manufacturing equipment

Device Cleaning

Products for presoak, manual cleaning or automated washer applications

Food and Beverage

VHP biodecontamination equipment and surface disinfectants to efficiently package foods and beverages

Glassware Washing

Washing equipment and complete portfolio of detergents for effective glassware washing

Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing

Products, application experience and technical support to help with your oral solid dose manufacturing

Process Cleaning

Portfolio of detergents and washing equipment for the removal of process residues


Equipment, sterility assurance and barrier products to help you meet your sterilization needs


Surface Disinfection

Industry leading contamination control products

Vaccine Manufacturing

STERIS products designed to comprehensively address the unique cleaning challenges and soils of vaccine manufacturing

VHP Decontamination

Low-temperature decontamination in sealed enclosures such as cleanrooms, pass-throughs, biological safety cabinets and aseptic filling lines

Water Purification

Multiple-effect water stills and pure steam generators for the highest quality water for injection

Veterinary Medicine

Prevent the threat of cross-contamination with surface disinfectants and detergents for your business