Your business is unique and we offer a wide variety of Services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

STERIS is committed to partnering with you to maintain, certify and protect your investment. Learn more about our full portfolio of Service offerings including equipment service, controlled environment service and genuine OEM parts. Together, we can maximize your results while maintaining compliance and safety.

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Equipment Service Plans

Select from a wide range of plans to find the one that meets your needs.

View Equipment Service Plans

Installation and Verification Services

Let our seasoned experts manage the integration of STERIS equipment into your process, from installation all the way through to production qualification.

View Installation and Verification Services

Upgrades and Specialty Services

Boost the performance of your older STERIS equipment by upgrading key components with the latest technology.

View Upgrades and Specialty Services

Equipment Maintenance Training

Professional STERIS experts will train your team on how to operate, fix or perform preventative maintenance on your equipment. We can also customize any type of training for you.

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Process and Cleaner Evaluation (PACE)

PACE – is a laboratory-based service in which we simulate your cleaning process in order to recommend a cleaning agent, cleaning agent concentration and cleaning process conditions.

View Process and Cleaner Evaluation (PACE)

Technical Consultation and Literature

The Technical Services group produces a variety of literature to assist you in selecting an optimal contamination control process and in validating that process.

View Technical Consultation and Literature

Controlled Environment Services

STERIS provides high-quality contamination control services for cleanrooms, facilities, and equipment in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and laboratory industries.

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Decontamination Services

Reduce the risk of contamination after routine shutdowns, repairs or emergency responses of your cleanrooms, controlled environments, equipment and spaces.

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Equipment and Cleanroom Certification

Ensure a contamination-free environment by maintaining operational integrity and regulatory compliance with STERIS testing and certification services.

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