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STERIS On-Site Customer Training

This on-site training for equipment technicians will provide you with the knowledge to operate and perform maintenance on your STERIS Life Science Equipment.

Course Goal

This course provides the student with an in-depth understanding of how to operate their STERIS Life Sciences Equipment and perform troubleshooting. The student will learn the theory of operation and functional descriptions for major components and how to utilize STERIS resources for technical information, technical assistance or place a service request.

In order to maintain the operational readiness of your equipment during your training, STERIS will not rebuild or replace any components that make the equipment non-operational.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Verify all utilities are available to operate your sterilizer
  • Operate in normal and service modes using the control display touch panel
  • Locate the preventive maintenance schedule and learn how to use it to perform preventive maintenance
  • Perform troubleshooting and adjustments
  • Put into a safe state
  • Clean the equipment
  • Access the STERIS service websites for assistance

Why Train at Your Location

On-site training is optimal for hands-on interaction with your STERIS equipment. Staff members will gain knowledge, increase their confidence, and improve their overall productivity in maintaining the equipment. Training is tailored around your specific equipment needs and is scheduled for a timeframe that ensures your team, equipment and facility are available.

Equipment Needed

Your STERIS Equipment, a meeting room, projector (optional), tools to operate, personal protective equipment and fall protection.

Additional Details 



8 Hours 

Training Location 

Customer Facility 

Target Audience: 

Equipment Users 

Min./Max. Class Size: 

1 to 5 


End of course evaluation 


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