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Sell Sheet   ProConnect Response Center
Case Study   Decontamination of Laboratory Animal Research Rooms

STERIS develops a room decontamination program for Walter Reed Army Institute for Research

Article Reprint   Lifecycle Approach to Cleaning and Disinfection Rotation
Lifecycle approach to cleaning and disinfection rotation

Understand the benefits, regulatory requirements, and guidance around using a lifecycle risk-based approach for disinfectant rotation.  STERIS Life Sciences technical service manager, Walid El Azab, wrote a detailed article that explores why this approach is more appropriate than using an arbitrary approach. 

Read the article published in Cleanroom Technology:
Sell Sheet   Rouge and Derouging
Label   CIP 100 Detergent Label - RTU
Label   CIP 200 Detergent Label - RTU
MSDS   ProKlenz ONE Safety - Canada
MSDS   CIP 200 Detergent Safety - Danish
MSDS   CIP 200 Detergent Safety - Dutch

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