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Case Study   General Cleaning Recommendation for Removal of a Microbial Residue

The presence of EPS is very important as it increases the microorganisms' resistance to environmental stresses, antimicrobial agents and cleaning agents. Therefore, the removal of the EPS prior to sanitization or disinfection is critical.

Brochure   Brochure Resource
Sell Sheet   ProConnect Response Center
Case Study   Decontamination of Laboratory Animal Research Rooms

STERIS develops a room decontamination program for Walter Reed Army Institute for Research

Sell Sheet   Rouge and Derouging
Label   CIP 100 Detergent Label - RTU
Label   CIP 200 Detergent Label - RTU
MSDS   ProKlenz ONE Safety - Canada
MSDS   CIP 200 Detergent Safety - Danish
MSDS   CIP 200 Detergent Safety - Dutch

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