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Dear Valued Customers,

STERIS Life Sciences continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluate how to best serve and assist our Customers. We are proud to partner with Customers as they navigate the ever-changing global environment.

Below, you will find information on some of the initiatives we have implemented to help Customers overcome ongoing challenges introduced by the pandemic.

Lipid Nanoparticle Cleaning

Advancements in lipid nanoparticle drug delivery systems have been paramount in the performance, stability and safety of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. While lipid nanoparticles have provided many benefits for vaccine manufacturers, cleaning them presents challenges.

Through the application of STERIS Life Sciences’s formulated chemistries, we are helping vaccine manufacturers develop cleaning protocols and providing them with cleaning recommendations based on laboratory and field testing. This has enabled Customers to improve cleaning processes at their facilities and increase production capacity.

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Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing

As travel restrictions and other conditions began to limit face-to-face meetings, STERIS Life Sciences introduced virtual Factory Acceptance Testing to provide Customers with a safer and more effective way to conduct testing following the purchase of new equipment.

Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing is a remote qualification service that brings the experience directly to Customers and eliminates the need to travel on-site.

Watch Our YouTube Video to Discover How Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing Works

STERIS Life Sciences now offers three Factory Acceptance Testing options for Customers:

  • Virtual
  • On-site
  • Hybrid (some team members attend the testing on-site while others join virtually)


If you have any questions, concerns or would like to know how we can assist with COVID-19 challenges at your facility, connect with a STERIS Life Sciences representative today.

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