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STERIS Barrier Product Solutions Manufacturing Facility Relocation

STERIS Barrier Product Solutions will be moving to a new manufacturing facility in 2019. This move demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and to producing the highest quality products to meet the needs of our regulated Customers. The new facility is located within 10 miles of the existing facility, maintaining our Philadelphia, PA USA area manufacturing presence.

STERIS understands the impact that this change may have on our Customers. All aspects of the move are being done with the active involvement of our Quality Assurance team and all changes are being managed under our change control processes. We assure you that STERIS is committed to making this a smooth transition for our Customers. Please see current communications below and check back periodically for additional updates.

Relocation Highlights:

  • Timeline: To guarantee receipt of product manufactured at our current facility, orders will need to be placed by December 31st, 2018. We anticipate a two-week shutdown in February for our manufacturing relocation.
  • Product Equivalence: All existing manufacturing equipment, management and operations staff, and processes will be transferred to the new facility. In addition, raw materials and suppliers will not change. Product manufactured in the new facility will be equivalent to product manufactured in the current facility.
  • Process Transfer Data Package: All aspects of the relocation are being managed under our change control processes. All Process Transfer Qualification information (Master Plan, IQ/OQ/PQ results, etc.) will be available to review under Confidential Disclosure Agreement.
  • Site Audit: All site audits can be scheduled after April 1, 2019. A confidentiality agreement will be required prior to the on-site audit.

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