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Compressed Air Quality Improves Autoclave Uptime

An often overlooked aspect of equipment maintenance and care involves the quality of compressed air.

Poor quality compressed air can result in a decrease in equipment uptime, as well decreased system performance throughout your facility. The expected mean time between failure (MTBF) for critical components, such as pneumatic valves, is greatly reduced when water droplets form in compressed air feed lines.

To help you troubleshoot a potential compressed air quality problem, the following represent tell-tale signs of poor quality compressed air supply:

  • Visible moisture in the regulator bowl
  • Water droplets forming on the clear regulator bowl wall
  • Regulator bowl filling with water


The environment in which an air compressor is located should also be considered; a hot, steamy room is not ideal. The air quality entering a compressor is essentially equivalent to the quality exiting the unit. 

Air compressors should be located in the best HVAC controlled environment possible; typically 70°F, with <50% relative humidity.

Most facilities have qualified HVAC persons on staff who can determine the location best suited for this often overlooked aspect of equipment care and maintenance.

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