Location: Bethesda, MD

This one-day course covers an overview of contamination control best practices, and case studies on addressing non-routine microbial events from true instances around the world. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

Evaluate contamination control best practices
Identify critical parameters for cleaning and disinfection
Define the critical elements of a risk-based approach
Describe the different steps in a risk-based flow diagram
Compare and contrast the different risk-based tools
Apply various risk-based approaches to real-world case studies to address non-routine events
Recall industry best practice for facility contamination control programs
Review parts, setup and operation of the EPA and ASTM high shear CDC biofilm reactor and single tube methods
Evaluate and discuss laboratory test results using the methods on single species biofilms under various conditions
Review critical factors in addressing a single or multi-species biofilm
Define holistic approaches to cleaning, rouge removal and microbial contamination remediation strategies
This course is designed to benefit supervisor and managers directly involved in non-routine microbial events and risk assessment activities. 

DATE: August 2, 2018

LOCATION: Bethesda, MD

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